A perfect app to manage your Human Resource

Location Check, Attendance Marking, Salary Calculation, Announcements, Paid Leaves & many more.

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Best app to handle your Employee's Attendance Management

Earlier Sign in Register then, Biometric then, RFID now it's Haazri

A modern trend to take attendance of all your employees with real-time Clock-In & Clock-Out


In-App Attendance

No Paperwork, Biometric Scanner or Chip Enabled ID Card. Now make your employees mark their attendance directly in an App.

Cut down your Work

No Manual calculation of Salary, No Cross-Checking of Attendance, No Circular for Announcement. Haazri takes care of all these and many more.


Haazri suits to all level of Organizations. May it be MNC, may it be Pan India Organization, may it be a small startup or may it be an individual, Haazri hierarchy system fits in everyone.

Haazri Offers A Wide Range Of Features


Location Based Check-In

Enables the employee to punch the In-Time only when he/she is inside the office premises.


Graphical Representation

Graphical Representation of Attendance Record, Total hours worked & Total leaves taken.


Report Access

Heads/Supervisors will have access to all the employees’ attendance records.


Notification & Announcement

Activity wise Notifications and in-general Announcements made by the admin/head.


Dynamic Radius

Enables the admin to change the radius of permissible location as per the size of office premises from Admin Panel.


Salary Calculation

Automatically calculates the real-time salary of all the employees based on their attendance along with facility to add Paid Leaves.

Haazri Haazri

Why Haazri

Haazri provides modern way to take Employees’ Attendance with multiple add-on features like Location Restriction while Checking-In, Finger Print lock and PIN lock for safety, Real-time salary calculation and many more.

You can create your own company, add regional office, city-wise office and employees in these offices. Mid-level organizations can directly add city-wise office and employees in them by creating the Company and for Small-level organizations, you can directly add a single office and its employees. Haazri provides hierarchy flexibility for all kinds of organizations.


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